Discrimination Against the LGBT Community in Philippines

In Philippines, there are countless gay and lesbian. They are commonly known as LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bakla, Tomboy) Community. It is already a common scene to see a lot of LGBT Community all over the Philippines. Although it seems to be normal in this country, the LGBT community suffer from discrimination. Some people look down on them and even bully them. In addition, most churches are against same-sex marriage. It is only the Catholic Church that allows it.

Their wedding are being held in a church. What do you think about it? Are you not surprised? It seems that the social trend these days is rapidly changing. It’s up to the LGBT community if they really want to continue their relationship with the same sex. It may not be their choice, but their life would be difficult and in trouble because they will usually hear some ridicule and discrimination from the society. In other words, the society doesn’t fully accept them.

Their everyday life would be filled with negative comments and others will not accept them of who they are. Discrimination will be everywhere. Not only in school or work but especially from their own family. Because of this, the LGBT Community are pleading for their rights. Since they cannot freely do the things they want, it’s a difficult time for them.

Before, they silently hide their true identity because of their fear to be ridiculed, bullied, and discriminated. But, it’s a different story now because they can fight for their rights.