The list of some LGBT celebrities who married their partners

Celebrities, politicians and other famous people like wealthy businessmen can affect the situation of the world. they can be able to impose a thinking that many would follow and copy. Celebrities are the ones who are mostly viewed by many people so they become influential as time passed by. As they become influential, they can have some impact on the world and let people follow and support them. That is why we can witness sometimes that when a celebrity recommends some product, many people buy it.

Then what about in the world of LGBT. As they can also belong to that community so they make effort also to spread the awareness and needed support so they could have their rights made into law. LGBT celebrities just keep their relationship but when the ruling was made so that same-sex is allowed, they also participated in that event and they married each other joyfully from this link. In the infographic, we can see some of the celebrities who are influential that married their partners.

You can see some facts on how the same-sex marriage is recognized in some countries in Europe. After some of the facts and list, you can see the list of couples who married their partners with the support of the Facebook users who made their profiles red to show their support. Millions of the Facebook users have changed their profile and even celebrities have made the move to show their support. One partner is Ellen DeGeneres who married Portia de Rossi.