How LGBT Live their Lives in the Society

In a society where people see each other with different point of view, people can not live the way they want because there are eyes looking at us always. This is why there are so many things to consider when living. Now, there are so many LGBT scattered around the world. How do they think of themselves and how do people see and think about them? In fact, there are societies that reject them, there are more than those that accept them.

They Hide themselves. LGBT, when they are in a society where they are not accepted, hides and they do not want to reveal their identity because if they are found they will be subject to public disgrace or even worse than that. This is why they always make sure that they are in a correct state. If not, they flee to another place where they can escape and live freely.

They show off and reveal their identity and live the way they want. In a society where they are accepted, they dress themselves as they please according to their gender that they classify themselves as. They tend to enjoy and keep themselves from disgrace that others may inflict on them.

They live normally according to how they are suppose to be. There are gays and lesbian that do not go according to the gender that they like. Although they are gay, they dress like a man and they move like a man, although they do not hesitate to reveal their identity.