Several Societies that Ban LGBT with Tremendous Punishment

While some of the countries in the west like USA, UK, Netherlands and in the east respects LGBT and even hold a wedding ceremony for them, most of the countries around the world still cling to the traditional way of life that is living as a man and woman only. Around the world, there are about 70 countries that does not agree with LGBT. “Does not agree” is the right term because these countries implemented laws that LGBT is not allowed but they are not really punished to death by that.

Although it is really written in their law that LGBT are punishable by death, still they are not. However, in these countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and Yemen, Kyrgystan, Qatar, Israel and many countries in the middle east and Southern Asia like Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and others, really punish LGBT to death if they are found. This is why LGBT are always hiding. In Korea where LGBT is not acceptable, gays hide their nature.

75 countries want to preserve the original and natural way for man and woman to live but the fact that there are LGBT in the whole world means that this phenomenon is becoming natural and that many people are beginning to accept it although they banned it earlier. In cases where LGBT are persecuted and executed LGBT do dot reveal their identity or they just live the same as others do so they are not free to live the way they want. But how can these people live in such situation? In fact, not all can be governed by law.