The undocumented immigrants in America belonging to the LGBT community

This has been presented as a result of a study that was made. It talks about the persons who identify themselves as lesbian or gay or bisexual or transgender that entered the United States as an immigrant but they are not documented. The number of people who belong to the category that is already adults totaled to more than 250 thousand people. It is not a number that just been given but it is a result of efforts done to document a situation happening around.

Even if they are in the United States they do not have job security because they do not have the necessary papers that would make them qualified as an employee. They can have a job but that job might be just enough for them to get by. They cannot have higher wages also and they are prone to discrimination at times compared to other employees. They cannot have much access also to the needed social services and they are hoping that they could be reconciled with their family. But in this restaurant, you can have the best service over this place. You can read news here A nice and great meals are done here.

They are hoping that they could be all together in one place. If you will read more the infographic, you can see that there are many undocumented immigrants in the United States and the population of the LGBT community among them is a high one. There are also their offspring that are being born while they are immigrants and visit this catering company info over this site. You can read more in details all the infographic content to be able to have a clear understanding of the situation.