Homosexuality and Gay Rights in the United States

Nowadays, there are few countries who already made homosexual relationship as legal. It became a normal scenario to see male to male and female to female show their relationship in public by kissing each other in front of the crowd. Some countries also allowed these couples to be married. How do you feel or think about it? Of course we all have different opinions regarding this matter. Anyways, let us know more about homosexuality and gay rights through this article.

In the United States, a great number of people identify themselves as homosexuals. In other words, there are many males and females who are attracted to the same gender. How could that thing happen these days? It’s almost an unimaginable thing, isn’t it?

It is difficult to accept especially if you are the kind of a person who wants to keep your dignity. As you know, a lot of people can easily speak against those who practice homosexuality. But in the U.S, you cannot almost hear any negative opinion regarding this matter. What are the rights given to the lesbian and gay community?

The Right to Raise Children. Other countries are against homosexuality. But, in the United States, they were given some rights and this includes raising children. Can you imagine how can both male and both female raise children?

The Right to be Accepted by the Society. A lot of gossips can be heard especially in a country that don’t accept homosexuality. It’s a different case in the U.S because homosexuality was legalized.

In this world, there are those who identify themselves as homosexual and others are bisexual. It’s up to you to react.